Russia Begins Tactical Nuclear Weapons Drills

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Russia started combat drills to practice the use of tactical nuclear weapons, a show of force to the US and its allies over President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Troops are training with Iskander missiles deployed on land launchers and aircraft equipped with hypersonic Kinzhal weapons for the previously announced exercises, Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement on its Telegram channel. The ministry didn’t specify for how long the training would continue.

Putin ordered the drills the day before he was sworn in this month for a fifth presidential term, in response to what Russia called “provocative” Western statements. That came after France raised the idea of sending ground troops to Ukraine and the UK said it would allow Kyiv’s forces to strike Russia with British-made weapons.


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I hope he is telling his people there is no place to hide once the missile start flying.


💗❤️🥰💕🇷🇺 PRESIDENT Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin IS VERY SMART AND HONEST 🤞 💖 MY SWEETHEART 💋


I understand drills, prepared readiness. Let's pray he's not a megalomaniac 😮


There is the UN meeting on Ukraine Sovereignty.


It's all show little man is not going to use them he noes what would happen after that