How far will it go? Russia attacks western Ukraine as aid remains blocked • FRANCE 24 English

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We examine the role played by Western allies in the Ukraine conflict. We're asking: what will NATO do next? There was more destruction in and around Kyiv this Tuesday. So what will NATO do? It is a question many observers are asking. Most importantly, it is the only question people in Ukraine want answered.

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Your first guest was absolutely right. I agreed with her 100%. Excellent assessment.


If US or NATO doesn’t want to fly the fighter jets in Ukraine, why not get the Ukrainian pilots to go down to Poland to fly the air craft themselves from Poland to Ukraine. Is it workable?


My question is why did Poland want to give them to the US first? No one wants to be the one to poke the bear so they give it to the US in order to have someone else to blame if it turns out badly. The US is only offering to backfill the jets. You'll have to find someone else willing to take the risk.


I am from India. Although we are pro-Russia, I must say that Russians have done a grave mistake by raging this war and they will perish. Salute to brave Ukrainians !!!


Sorry. But thats very Complicated. Because by International Law. Combat Aircraft are not allowed to Enter a Warzone from Neutral Airports.
Which means if these Aircraft Started from a Polish Airbase and Entered Ukraine Airspace Armed. It would be the same as Poland actually Participating in the War.
But if it they were Send Unarmed they would likely be Destroyed as they had no Means of Fighting Back.

So getting these Aircraft to Ukraine would need to be done via a Landroute so they can then Start from an Ukranian Airport.
And this takes Weeks.

People need to Realize this.
This is not some Video Game where you can Cheese the Rules and the AI Opponent cant do anything about it.
This is the Real World. If Nato Aircraft Fly into Ukraine from an Nato Airbase and get into Combat with Russian Aircraft. Then this effectively means that this Airbase Participated in a Battle against Russia.

So people need to be really careful here with that they ask for.
Because alot of the things you keep hearing them ask for. Is effectively ending up to mean "Declare War on Russia and March into Ukraine with Nato Troops"


Lend lease just like WW2 send the what they need, tanks, planes, artillery, night vision, counter battery radar, and patriot systems


Nato and America should have not interfered with foreign countries. Look at the results


The answer is Russia has nuclear weapons that other countries didn’t have. Also no fly zones on a small country is easier. Ukraine is the size of Texas. That’s a huge country!!


That guy is still arguing why US and NATO should get involve, against Russia militarily with a NO FLY zone over Ukraine, by shooting down Russian jets. SERIOUSLY.


Blew up all of Libya for a supposed column of tanks, advancing on a city before any shots were fired, in "defence" of Libyan lives. Libya not a NATO country.


Warm greetings to all the respected viewers.
Sending our love, compassion, and strength to all the people of peace....


Poland could have flown those planes to Ukraine quietly. No one would have known. But they expect America to replace those planes! You can’t just on go Amazon and order 30 more fighter planes.


Does this lady have no understanding of the consequences?


How is Putin supposed to react if he sees fighter planes crossing into Ukraine from a NATO base?


Melinda harding has this fancy title 👌 nice but her assertion on putin is shocking she assessed that putin understands the west but doesn't understand Ukraine next door 🙄 🤔 alarming.


That women says a no fly zone in western Ukraine is not dangerous? Declaring war on Russia is not dangerous? What planet is she on?


I'm from the UK and I would like to know what my country and NATO are willing to do. Completely disgusting that we "talk the talk and never walk the walk".


believe me, my pray and heart goes out to the people of Ukrainian, I watch the news every day hoping that they end this senseless war on their bothers and sisters and somehow work out there differences with peaceful solutions that will stop this bloodshed. Still I understand why N.A.T.O. do not want to start World War 3, the lady speak about the Ukrainian who have die (So sad, so sad) but think about all the people who will get kill if they start a war with this man. He has 6, 200 nuclear warheads, think of the damage that would do this world.


The Russian shelling of Mariupol is just like the Nazi shelling of Warsaw in WW2.


For its huge military advantage, NATO really has been quite toothless