'Russia Will Shoot...': Putin's Ultimatum As Ukrainian Pilots Finish F-16 Training

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Watch as tensions rise between Ukraine and Russia in this gripping short video. As Ukrainian pilots complete F-16 training in the U.S., Vladimir Putin's anger simmers, threatening to shoot down incoming jets. With NATO's urgent deployment of F-16s, and Russia's advance towards Kharkiv, the stakes have never been higher. Witness the unfolding drama in this intense visual account of geopolitical brinkmanship.

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US has to get rid of end of life jets somehow. Saves them the effort of scrapping them🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


LOL..if few of these so called advanced F16 got shot down, will they withdraw from battle field like the Abram tanks ?


We will see how effective they are, the same was said about the tanks which are now withdrawn from the battle field.


Not Ukraine’s pilots but US/Nato pilots


Putin is NOT "seething with anger". F-16's will go the same way that Bradleys went on the fields, in the clinical and anticipated way they deal with missiles and drones.


IF americanato did not interfere this conflict would be settled by now with a lot less casualties


Russia has a winning military strategy, Ukraine and NATO have a PR strategy. The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.


It is just a matter of time F16 users realized they are buying $ millions junk


The proxy war in Ukraine is the first time NATO has tried to pick on someone their own size and NATO is getting humiliated


Another 'game changer' from the West.


I'd guess that after a couple Russian/American Top Gun encounters that the USA will have a hard time selling fighter jets in future.


I think F16 will not get airfield ground to fight against Russia.


Putin said he will consider those F-16 to be carrying nukes and will attack Ukraine with Nukes. Those are nuke capable planes so it all makes sense


Zelensky didn't try to prevent the conflict through diplomacy because he lacks honor and integrity.

In 2014 there was a coup. Soon after, there was a massacre in Odessa (dozens of people were burned alive). Ethnic Russians living in Ukraine were treated as subhuman. Their language and culture was being oppressed. A civil war broke out due to the rise in ethnic tensions. For 8 years the Ukrainian military was indiscriminately shelling civilians living in Donbas.

If Zelensky honored the Minsk agreement and pledged neutrality, none of this would have happened. The 8 year civil war would have ended and Donbas would have remained part of Ukraine. War is the ultimate failure of diplomacy.

Zelensky, Poroshenko, Merkel and Hollande admitted that Ukraine had no intention to honor the Minsk agreements.

Who didn't want peace? Who advised against the 2022 peace talks in April? Hint: someone visited Zelensky in Kiev at that time

Russia's national security was compromised once nato began to expand eastwards. Russia clearly stated that Ukraine joining nato was a red line (November 2021) and unfortunately this concern was never taken seriously. The Russians openly stated: if nothing changes, we will be forced to act in order to defend our national security. Enhancing the national security of one country at the expense of another is unacceptable. The Russians have legitimate security concerns.

20th September, 2021. Ukraine launched military drills with US and NATO

NATO is not a defensive alliance. Nato illegally bombed Yugoslavia (a direct violation of the U.N. Charter).
We should never forget what they did to Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.

Who blew up the pipeline causing an environmental disaster?

Zelensky banned all opposition and arrested a leading priest.

Zelensky tried to invoke article 5 under false pretenses. Remember the incident in Poland.

Ethnic Russians living in Ukraine were treated as subhuman. Their language and culture was being oppressed.
Poroshenko said, “Our children will go to schools and kindergartens—theirs will hide in the basements”.

Russians will never forget the 2014 Odessa massacre. The whole world needs to know about it.

Why was Denis Kireev eliminated? He was a member of Ukraine's negotiating team during the peace negotiations. He wanted to help his country.

Ukraine has a hit list. They target artists, journalists and ordinary citizens. Hundreds of children are on this list. 13 year old Faina Savenkova was placed on this list.
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters is on this list. Jimmy Dore (American stand-up comedian, podcaster) and Aaron Maté (Canadian writer and journalist) are on this list.

There is evidence that Ukrainian troops have been indiscriminately shelling civilians in Donbas (they used petal mines and targeted areas where there was no military presence).

The azov troops trapped in the azovstal steelworks in Mariupol used human shields. They refused to allow civilians to leave despite of humanitarian corridors being present.
Russia held a proposed cease fire in order for the civilians to leave, but azov would not allow the civilians to leave.

Ukraine has committed many acts of terrorism (car bombs and other forms of assassination). Darya Dugina (journalist) RIP.

The first terrorist attack on the Kerch bridge killed the truck driver and the individuals in the adjacent car (innocent civilian victims).
The second terrorist attack on the Kerch bridge killed two parents and severely injured their young daughter.

I have done a lot of research and it took me a long time to write this comment. I have stated a lot of facts and I have given my honest opinion.
I have provided a brief summary of events that took place. In order to explain this whole situation in great detail, a book would need to be written.
Hopefully someone will write an UNBIASED book, stating facts and allowing the readers to form their own judgments. Everything I said can be fact checked and verified.


Given Russia's space assets these jets, as dangerous and advanced as they might be, can be accurately tracked by satellites to wherever they are based. Anyone working on any such base should understand that they are standing on some of the most dangerous real estate in the world. Russian glide bombs can penetrate the kind of hardened hangers where the jets are stashed like warm cheese. The Russian military will be more focused on those aircraft than wolves on a little flock of sheep.


May Allah bless you all. It was an honor taking part in this session with my teachers, Shaykh Abdullah and Shaykh Omar. May Allah accept from them, the Yaqeen team and all of us.


Ukraine pilots will not be piloting F16s, this more of the usual US BS. NATO pilots &volunteers will.


These F-16s are also aged aircrafts. They are 50 year old. They are sending to Ukraine to get rid of them because they will produce the latest ones.


Lets see if a new trainee pilot just fresh out of training and win a dogfight. Its like a new F1 driver joining the race and hope to win . Being hopeful is good .


F16's are just too old to be of any use. That's why they want to sent them to the Ukraine. Btw the locals will pay the jackpot for these soapboxes.