US President Joe Biden Hosts Kenyan Counterpart William Ruto in Key State Visit | Firstpost Africa

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US President Joe Biden Hosts Kenyan Counterpart William Ruto in Key State Visit | Firstpost Africa

US President Joe Biden rolled out the red carpet for Kenyan counterpart William Ruto as he arrived in Washington for a three-day State visit. Ruto’s trip marks the first State visit to the US by any African leader in nearly two decades. Grabbing an opportunity for Biden to demonstrate the US commitment to Africa, Biden speaks with the Kenyan president on a wide range of topics including debt relief for the country. The visit comes amid Russia and China’s rising influence in the Africa, which experts believe, might have been America’s motivation to schedule the trip at this time. Meanwhile, the US is also expected to designate Kenya as a major non-NATO ally. If that happens, the East African country will be the first Sub-Saharan African country to receive the designation.


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Kenya is part of commonwealth countries.


I just enjoy seeing how Pres Biden is handling pres Ruto. Like a father and a son.


He would rather be at the table than in the menu.


So we asked for a permanent member of the security council in the UN as Africa and USA offer Kenya a NATO membership eeeh smtng ain't right 🤔🤔🤔🤔


Why won’t he? They need resources. But it’s to late!


Unity is the prerequisites for rapid economic development.


2 decades and that fart from France had to get kicked for years on African soil.


He's just being courteous and that's why he met Joe. Lol


Remember President of Zimbabwe stating the hot iron USA branded will never receive recognition. Countries housing USA military bases should bear responsibility for assisting rebels and mercenaries who are sowing seeds of coercive political relations.


This is not a State Visit.There is none of the protocol for a state visit.