G7 'big heads' tussle over giant syringe in vaccine waiver stunt

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Oxfam urges #G7 nations to share Covid-19 vaccine patents with developing countries by impersonating its leaders tussling over a giant mock syringe of vaccine.

Oxfam says France and the US are in favour of sharing patents while the rest of the member countries oppose it.

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Hurry we don't wanna die first!


G7 is meant to be the largest industrialised countries that are first world nations. Russia was kicked out when it devolved into only a developing country.
I believe that sooner or later it probably should become the G8 again and South Korea should be involved, because South Korea is very developed and it has a larger economy than Russia.
Also to be honest, Spain should be a part of it also. I would call it the G10, because it sounds cooler. And it would be Japan, USA, South Korea, Spain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and you either add then Netherlands or Taiwan.


cornwall is pretty awesome you know and it's still somewhat celtic, probably the best place in england is the south west.