What The Media Doesn't Show About Western Support For Ukraine — And Can't

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Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski discuss what the media doesn't — and can't — show about the Western world's support for Ukraine, and why. "There's a lack of proper context in news, in what Americans are seeing and what Americans are reading," Joe says. The "massive amount of weapons that are moving from Poland into Ukraine" have to be handled quietly by the government, and news media is not invited. "It's giving Americans a skewed sense."

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What The Media Doesn't Show About Western Support For Ukraine — And Can't
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There’s a reason a lot of this sensitive information isn’t shared. It’s not a reality tv show its a real war. I’m sure the public understands that some intel needs to remain confidential.


NATO is trying to avoid a nuclear war. Also it’s important that they keep the movement of weapons to Ukraine under wraps as they don’t want to let Russia know where they are and when they are arriving


Thank you Joe for elaborating on this.
It baffles me that people do not understand the importance of discretion and safety of our ENTIRE fu€king country and others🤦‍♂️


A lot of things that would help the Ukrainians in this fight aren't technically weapons. Things like body armor, night vision gear, and secure radios can make a huge difference, especially if the Russians don't appear to have those things in significant quantities.


Good reporting Joe and Mika everything shouldn't be on the news about the support that Ukraine is getting and where they are will Win this fight....


Speaking as a retired Marine - well said.


I've seen somewhere a Ukrainian territorial defense commander saying that Ukrainian government was hoping to get 2 brigades of volunteers in Kiev (they consider a brigade 6, 000 people) and what they got is over 20 of them. Close to 200, 000 people joined territorial defense forces in Kiev alone and only problem is that they don't have enough boots helmets and protective vests for everyone. Now might be time for Germany to start sending in those helmets again...


I'm not a big fan of MSNBC. But to be fair, their coverage on Ukraine has been very good and accurate.


What are we all stupid? Of course we can't see and know everything....we do know the difference between TV and reality...those who don't understand, will learn...it doesn't matter how much we do to help, we want overwhelming help for Ukraine....we want to hear Tsar Putin, squeal!


"the tables getting a little smaller" LMFAO we know putin loves his ridiculously long tables


I’m deadset against media reporting on military actions and tactics, especially with foes very capable of spinning stories to fabricate pretexts for war. Don’t give a potential enemy the edge by explaining your objectives and capabilities in advance! 🙂🇺🇦✌🏻


Yes finally thanks for educating those people who are saying alot and not thinking strategically!


.We stopped 70% of Putin's war income now we must do the remaining 30%.
Fighting a war by paying 3Xs the amount for goods is the way to fight Putin.
I'm sure the troops who stormed the beaches on D-Day would have rather stayed home and paid higher prices for fuel.


Hang on, Putin can publicly call for FOREIGN fighters… but the world can’t do the same?


Zelensky's the one who publicized the MiG deal to the world. Poland could have repainted the jets, and Ukrainian pilots could have picked them up on some undisclosed highway in a NATO country in the middle of the night. No one had to know. And let's hope that's actually what's happening right now.


Smart people know that the real moves are not advertised. Not everyone says the real stuff out loud like Trump. On that note, does Trump still get info that require a security clearance? Sure hope not


Strategic, top secret operations, are not shared for the safety of those needed to complete, let alone the actual ability to successfully complete the mission. By the way Poland is not supposed to be a point of direct weapons transfer, it puts a target on their back.


Yeah of course there are massive amounts of aid going to Ukraine and of course it is secret!
*Aid is not everything!* The Afghanistan government had massive amounts of aid and it fell to the Taliban in 3 days because no one believed in the government.

Yes it's important to report this, but the Ukrainian people are doing an incredible job and doing unthinkably well at it.


Too much is being said already, but then again it's a good way to get people to look over there when something is going on somewhere else.


Makes total sense not to reveal what, and when will be distributed to the brave Ukrainians.