Breaking Down Russia’s Vacuum Bomb, the U.S.'s M10 Booker and More | WSJ Equipped

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What weapons and ammunition are the U.S. sending to Israel and Ukraine to aid in their war efforts against Hamas and Russia? What kinds of weapons are the U.S. developing and using for their own defense?

From Spice bombs and 155mm shells, to the USS Carney and Sentinel nuclear missiles, WSJ takes a look at different military innovations and tactics from around the world.

0:00 Triton drone boat
7:18 M10 Booker tank
15:40 Sentinel nuclear missiles
21:59 The USS Carney
27:53 155mm shells
34:49 GLSDB missile system
41:42 Russia’s TOS-1A thermobaric weapon
48:03 Valkyrie XQ-58A AI drone
56:28 Mi-24 helicopters
1:02:55 Russia’s nuclear torpedo
1:09:03 Spice bombs

Equipped examines military innovation and tactics emerging around the world, breaking down the tech behind the weaponry and its potential impact.

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a limerick.

A stealthy boat called the Triton
Could sail and submerge like Poseidon.
Though cheap to attrit,
Its sensors were lit,
Giving intel that sailors would write on.


In the time it allegedly takes to build one factory to make a few 155mm shells today, WWII would be half way through and multiple factories would have been built in months producing 100s of times more shells of different calibres.


A Triton is the same cost as Tomahawk? That’s way too high.


I love watching videos on the rich people's network showing me where my tax dollars go and what they do with the money they consistently inflate out of my meager savings via deficit spending (a not so hidden tax). At least WSJ is honest - war is about money and they cover money stories so it's very appropriate they are the leaders in this reporting genre 💰


I'm suprised I haven't seen a drone shaped like a shark with movable fins.


This is just what they want you to see. Wonder how far classified technology has gone nowadays


Really enjoy this type of informative content 👍


The problem with GLSDB is that it was rushed into production and wasn't ready yet. Ukrainians have not used it much because they found that the Russians GPS jammers were taking it off course. They were missing and that is a problem. Russian EW is good despite having a horrible army in general.


Upgraded Bradleys supporting Bookers, supported by Abrams. That is one hellova force to be reckoned with.


The US has been using thermobaric weapons since the Vietnam War.
In recent years they have conveniently renamed them as "novel explosive" to avoid bad PR.
Hundreds of thermobaric Hellfire missiles have been used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria - often in urban areas with little regard for civilian casualties.


I am surprised that Russians do not know that Tuborg beer is a known Danish brand which is owned by Carlsberg.


All of these combatants will become exhausted to the point of just fading


at 2:49 "tantamount" - I think he means "paramount"


Technically interesting, emotionally scary 😨


If the triton take out ccp landing craft it could be pretty useful


Termobaric weapons has been regularly used by germans during WW 2 as cheaper solution when production of hi -explosives was impaired by bombing, as well as allied bombers for destroying structures .


So in Ukraine the drone war is getting scary. The soldiers getting attacked by those drones don't always see them. Sometimes they go about their business and even looked right at the drone above there head and didn't even notice.

Then when not having designated targets. They go out on hunts with drones 24x7. Day and night.

Then the scary parts is seeing drones do circles soldiers trying to get away from and trying to hit with sticks.

But the drone operator is toying with them because he could have already hit the button to kill him. Then goes in for the kill and target eliminated.

Or other footage i seen where a guy hides from a drond behind a tree but doesn't see the drone behind him.

Other things i seen on different media is how they also use land drones to go bomb them in foxholes or land drones to sometimes recover aircraft drones by hooking up and hauling them back.

Ukraine is a lot more experienced with the smaller civilian sized drones for combat than we are. Then add Russia is always on the hunt for drones. You sometimes hear them but can't pinpoint exactly where they are and you hope they don't see you.

Other things i seen is that sometimes when Ukraine launches drones into Russia then they get jammed. Keep going and then sometimes unjam after they are outside of jamming range and regain control.

And if you see one drone there is usually several around.

They fly in buildings with blown out windows or opened doors or blown out ealls and everything else to hit there targets such as men on foot.

Oddly the drones have been fairly accurate and most of the time hitting their targets.

I see at least one that managed to fly the drone in the tank hatch itself.

I seen other footage where another drone swings around. Stops for a second then darts at a Russian tank and the turret blows off.

Sometimes they are strapping old RPG style grenades to them for the tanks. Drone Still light enough to carry and blow up a Russian tank. They only need the explosive part of the rpg.

When jammed they send more drones out while sitting in a bunker and keep trying. The video feed usually gets jammed first. They use one drone that not dji brand. That has the target tracking and stuff some consumer drones have. Usually they replace optics with better optics. Infrared or whatever.

I been watching a lot of the journalist videos that came out recently.

Like Darwin's war from scripps news. It's about Ukraine's ace fpv pilot. And several other journalist shows about drones on the front lines in Ukraine that all came out within the last month or 2.

I forgot to add. When jammed they keep sending more out until successful. Then maybe the first few came up short but they only need one to make it to the target. So after a few drones or so they got the target despite the jamming.


$2~$3m per small remotely boat? No wonder how easy it is to steal the bank this day.


This is more of an advert for defence contractors than anything else


1. Russia is saying they will use nuclear weapons first if NATO countries attacks them directly
2. Putin is scared of NATO conventional superiority
3. Russia focuses more on Nukes

Everyone knows - none of the sides wants to use nukes, because that exchange will kill all of us. Conventional weapons are defensive and offensive, while nukes are considered only as repellent (for enemy to think twice of gambling)

Russia is showing weakness in conventional war and the West still call them aggressive? Conventional superiority is sign of aggression, while NUCLEAR THREAT is saying clear words - STEP BACK..