Honest Look at the State of Russia Military

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What shape is Russia's military really in? The reports from both Russian and western sources aren’t painting a good picture. Check out today's epic new video to find out the real story.


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The sheer amount of russian firearms and ammo I saw in Afghanistan formally under warlord or taliban control, prevents me from being suprised about russian equipment and misappropriation.


All those poor young souls fighting an old man’s war. Heartbreaking 😢


Russian Soldier: Sir we have a problem

Russian Commander: Do you know how little that narrows it down?


It's starting to become ridiculous how dumb Russia is making themselves look


“If I fall asleep, wake up 100 years later and somebody asks me, what is going on in Russia, my immediate answer will be: drinking and stealing” - phrase attributed to numerous Russian authors, writing between 18-20th century


This angered the Russian bots, who attempted to punished them severely.


A Russian comes home after fishing trip and hears the news that Russia is at war. He asks another Russian what is going on, and he tells him:

"We are at war with NATO!"

"Oh wow, how many troops have been lost?"

"Well, we have lost troops, 137, 780 almost 2840 tanks, 2788 artillery pieces, 289 helicopters 278 aircraft, 5, 742 armoured fighting vehicles, several generals have been captured, our economy is in shambles, and the Moskva was sunk.

"And NATO?"

"NATO hasn't showed up yet."


One of the biggest problems is the conscript on new soldiers. They aren’t being sent to full units. They are being sent to already combat ineffective brigades that are barely holding together . Basically if you are down 4 guys in your unit then you will be overwhelmed even easier. Some of these brigades are only at 20 to 40% filled. Who knows how many of those left have training . So you end up with a even worse off force by not pulling units and fully reinforcing them.


Russia's military strategy reminds me of Zap Brannigan in Futurama whose entire strategy was to send men in wave after wave to their own demise with the sole intention of clogging up the killbots. It's as if Russia is trying to make Ukraine run out of ammunition by allowing them to use it all killing their first waves of soldiers.


Written in 1855 (Crimean War)

"This then is my creed. I look upon Russia as the personification of despotism :
in the present state of Poland and Hungary we see her work.
Such a power can be curbed only by war, and must be curbed sooner or later, if Europe is to remain free. If we believe that God wills the liberty and happiness of mankind, how can we doubt that we are doing God's work in fighting for liberty against aggression"
(The above is a letter sent to Richard Cobden MP)


There is a big difference between an order based command and an objective based one.
In an objective based command lower ranks could address, report and adjust to fix many of these problems from the ground up.


Some of them have been handed Mosin Nagant's from ww2, and some body armor has fake plates filled with either foam or some flimsy metal. They're also using ww2 helmets covered in a modern camo cloth. they have townspeople stitching uniforms for the military too. You know it's REALLY bad when you have to ask one of the poorest nations N. Korea for military equipment.


Infographics has managed to make about 100 videos about Russia now with the same exact information restated over and over.


I love your videos and it helps me to understand whats going on in the war😁


great video, as usual! i have two requests for future videos, if you happen to be looking for ideas. 1) can you do an update on the situation in iran? and 2) i'd love a dive into the trail derailment in east palestine, ohio. it's an ENORMOUS environmental disaster that is getting next to no coverage and what IS being discussed on the news is part of what is suspected to be a cover-up. fish are dying in the creeks and rivers, one of which happens to feed into the entire mid-east US, animals are dying, people are getting sick, etc, all from the leaked chemicals getting into the ground/water/air.


The video was eye opening informative and entertaining as usual..animation, colors, editing, and the speed y'all churning out is amazing...y'all are getting better and better.... though the thumbnail video cover is chilling to say the least 🥶😅


The cartoon graphics on these brilliant uploads was funny.
The 4 russian conscripts near the end had me howling with laughter 😂😂😂 "what's this for" love it 😂😂😂


The story of the Russian soldiers freezing in the trench is heartbreaking, a word I don't often use. It's even more depressing when one solider attempted to crawl away, probably the only one who was still alive, or at least conscious. I wonder what went through his mind? And I thought the footage of a Russian soldier lying face-down in a trench, throwing away grenades that fell on him before running away was depressing.


They're basically sending waves of soldiers into machine gun fire just to figure out where the guns are, so they can then try to shell 'em with inaccurate mortars


"With a second draft expected in January"
When was this written? It's the middle of February now.