Oregon store sells winning $1.3 billion Powerball ticket

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Oregon Lottery officials say the winning Powerball ticket was sold at a Plaid Pantry store in Portland. KGW's Katherine Cook reports.

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Wow! What a lucky chap who bought the ticket I can just imagine the feeling they have right now for winning all that money…wish em the best on spending it🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞


I think phone contact/email must be collected so a message can be sent.
Many folks don't pay much attention after they buy a ticket!


So they not gonna talk about how they changed the #s 2x
The first drawing had 7 winners then it had 2 winners then we got the Oregon results.Ill never play again


No Offense! But that is not good that she showed her face, that can just put her in danger. it would be better if she kept her self hidden or non identified!.


I claim all my power and all the winnings now in the name of jesusuñ