Russia says it 'will allow' Ukraine to export its grain | DW News

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Russia's war continues to block much needed grain exports from Ukraine to the rest of the world. The Ukrainian agriculture ministry has said that as long as the ports remain blocked, only a tenth of the country's current grain reserves can be exported by road and rail each month. Turkey hosted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for talks aimed at reopening Ukrainian ports for shipments of grain.

The Ukrainian government says that as many as 25 Mmillion tons of grain are stuck in Odesa's blockaded Black Sea port. Russia and Turkey voiced support Wednesday for a safe corridor in the Black Sea, with shipments flanked by the Turkish navy. But Kyiv rejected the proposal, saying it was not credible.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, global food prices have exploded, leading to the threat of a worsening hunger crisis in North Africa.

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Russia has a bleak history of starving people for its own political ends. The current situation is an extension of this.


Ukraine doesn't need Russia's permission to export grains


Turkey doesn't want the media to focus on what they are doing to the Kurds very much


I lost 2 parents to cancer, it’s a horrible way to pass. I wish that for you, vlad.


If Russia attacks a ship with grain, It will make them even more hated than are today.
It's worth a try and see if that happens.


For Ukraine to export grain by ship it must remove their minefields that are protecting its ports and shores against Russian amphibious landing. They can’t take the risk. A ‘no sail’ zone set up to exclude Russian sea and submarine forces from an appropriate area and strongly enforced by a third party might help but could turkey really be trusted to fire on Russian forces if it became necessary, and if not turkey, who else? Not China, that’s for sure!


Written in 1855 (Crimean War)
"This then is my creed. I look upon Russia as the personification of despotism :
in the present state of Poland and Hungary we see her work.
Such a power can be curbed only by war, and must be curbed sooner or later, if Europe is to remain free.
If we believe that God wills the liberty and happiness of mankind, how can we doubt that we are doing God's work in fighting for liberty against aggression"
John Bright MP was pro-Russian, and replied (1855) :-
"I go against fighting for Hungary or any other perfecting our own institutions, by promoting intelligence, morality and shall do more for humanity"
John Bright also acknowledged - "It is a delusion to think you can take guarantees from Russia", and he suggested that "The Russian power was a phantom".
Russia is still at it - 170yrs on.


The most straightforward solution is to defeat Putin’s army. Immediately!


why did this reporter single out North America when she mentioned food crisis? doesn't the blockade affect the whole world? is this the same amateur reporter that kept interrupting former General patreus when he was being interviewed?


But who will protect the ports themselves from Russian attack


Let the grain stay. Russia takes the blame and Ukraine must think about Themselves


How you can believe someone who all the time lying

Author not trust Russia. If Russia is so concerned about grain, it can leave Ukraine.


Hunger crises in North America? North America is a major food exporting region. The food crises is in regions of Africa and the Middle East. This is very concerning to us here in North America because it is severely impacting our brothers and sisters in world regions without enough food or wealth to pay for higher priced food.


Very strange war indeed, I have Never a seen a war with idea of giving enemy the tools for business. Irrespective of politics the Food will help lots of people in this world.


Russia also said they would not invaded Ukraine and we all know what happen now.


Russia says it "will allow" Ukraine grain exports. The US says it "will allow" Venezuela to export oil and gas to the EU. Which is the one DW reports on and why? Then one can ask, what is the difference between the two policies? These two authoritarian states both think that they have the right to allow or disallow certain trading.


Turkey need the grain for the population and they want the whole gas, Petro for them and friends.


Wonder if they will be able to bring those plants to market.


Hunger crisis in North America? Did I hear that correctly?