Analysis: US President Biden to designate Kenya a non-NATO ally

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President Biden is expected to designate Kenya as a major non-NATO ally, making it the first sub-Saharan African country to receive the designation. A top U.S. administration official says Biden and Ruto will announce investments in green energy and health manufacturing in Kenya and a plan to reduce its debt burden. VOA’s Esther Githui-Ewart spoke to David Monda, a professor at the City University of New York, for an analysis on what the designation would mean for Kenya.
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Ruto is the best president Kenya has ever had.Dont worry about opposition comments


Why was the USA so successful during the Cold War?

It implemented the Marshall Plan to economically strengthen its partners in Europe.

The USA was the largest economy and opened its market to the products of its allies.

The USA offered its allies a security umbrella with nuclear deterrence through NATO.

As a result, America managed to push back the influence of the Soviet Union on Europe and ultimately win the Cold War.

The alliance between Western Europe and the USA is proving difficult today.

For example, Germany follows a mercantilist economic model and is therefore dependent on cheap energy and large growth markets.

Russia and China can provide both of these for Western Europe like no other country.

The USA, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly less important as an economic partner.

And since the collapse of the Soviet Union, there is no serious military threat from Russia to Western Europe.

Nevertheless, tens of thousands of American soldiers are still stationed in hundreds of US military bases and US nuclear weapons are stationed on German soil.

If you look at the situation objectively from the US perspective, America is protecting Europe from the countries with which it has close trade relations.

Europe's core interest, however, is to further expand its economic relations with the USA's biggest competitors.

Don't be blinded by the politicians' rhetoric.

Feelings, shared history, values, culture and traditions play no role at all in whether alliances really work.

What matters is whether the interests coincide.

And it turns out that the interests of Europe and the USA can no longer be reconciled today and this partnership will soon end.


This guy wasn't democratically elected. While the average Kenyan struggles to survive on less than a dollar a day, he has millions if not billions in his foreign accounts.