Drone video shows moment Ukrainian artillery strikes Russian forces

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CNN senior international correspondent Frederik Pleitgen is on the ground in Eastern Ukraine where he speaks to members of the Ukrainian National Guard who explain the latest battlefield strategies in the ongoing conflict against Russia. #CNN #News
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The Republicans holding up aid to Ukraine, including your Speaker have never served or known combat and how important it is to have logistical support and equipment. For those who have served and know the fear of combat vote for those in whose boots you have also walked. Russia is an invading force and must be stopped.


Ukraine is fighting US enemy number 1 at 3% of the annual military budget. 👌👌🇺🇸


The drone operator reminds me of a Ukrainian peter parker


Please help Ukraine, republicans open your hearts to their plight.


The Ukrainian people will never ever surrender.🇺🇸💯


C'est une Incroyable résistance et courage des soldats Ukrainiens, un grand bravo à eux !


I was born in 1965 so I've never seen the Second World War, but I did see plenty of movies, documentaries, Television Shows, read Books and Biographies. I know I always thought trench warfare must be horrible. During the second World War they had these long trenches facing each other in what must have previously been farming fields. Everything was scorched and the men got "rotting" feet from being constantly in the wet and mud and they got pneumonia as well. As a young person I thought what a silly way to fight a war, right there in the open. Everyone knows where you are and on both sides you are basically sitting ducks.

In the modern era, warfare got so much more sophisticated and I thought that we would never see the kind of horrific warfare again. We would never see trench warfare again. How naive.

I never thought another murderous, Psychopathic Dictator exactly like the one in the Second World War would start such a monstrous war again. These people need ammunition. Where is the US? I heard that Congress and now the Republicans, old men who never fought such a war, are holding up the aid to Ukraine and want the Dictator to win!

Can you imagine if the other one won, what our World would be like? Not just Europe, but the people who feel safe enough in Congress to want this Psychopath to win, their country and the entire world! What would it be like. Firstly, he will March into all the former Soviet Countries, then into what he calls "the unfriendly countries". By that time China would have enough temerity to join that March.

It would not only be murder and war. It would be large scale economic meltdown. World Wide! It has already started. What do you think happened after World War I? The Great Depression folks. World wide. Which stock exchange would want to trade while war is going on in Europe and after such a murderous Dictator, welcomed by the Republicans in Congress, and by that time the US President as well, won such an uncalled for thieving murderous war?

My country, to my shame is so far up his 🐴 and is fighting other conflicts I can't mention, not worrying about their own people. Why? They're owned by China. Well folks The Russian Chinese Empire (o I forgot Kim Yong Un), is coming. Are you ready? Is the world ready? I don't think so.

Everyone in Congress should get off their 🐴ses and allow the Ukraine aid to pass! The World needs backbone now. Not Kremlin supporters! 🇿🇦


Meanwhile, it is unforgiveable that Mike Johnson is blocking the US from providing military aid to our bravest ally, Ukraine, who is valiantly fighting our worst enemy, Russia. I ask the House Republicans to depose this man and replace him with someone who's not equally bad, or worse. Aid to Ukraine is urgent and vital.


More of this coverage. I have a feeling a good 75% of the world doesn't know what's going on in Ukraine.


When are these ridiculous Republican senators going to wake up and realise that they need to continue to financially support Ukraine? They are a disgrace.


Please help Ukraine! Republicans, please!


Considering that Ukraine, fighting on the side of freedom and democracy, has less than one-tenth of Russia's national and military strength, it is a marvel that they are so evenly matched with Russia. The strength of their independent spirit and patriotism is astonishing.
Incidentally, in WWII, the Nazi invasion neutralized Poland in less than a month.


But one side of the US has decided to not support them for their political purpose.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle


Fred Pleitgen shows us over and over the fighting spirit of a country that barely 2-years ago was not on everybody's list of places they knew in the world. Now, all of us are fixated on an emerging nation battling for its very existence. It must make all Americans think back to when their first ally, France, did everything in its power to help a young Republic survive its fight for independence and now they are helping a nation fight against an enemy that is considered the world's second superpower. The Ukrainian fighting forces and civilian population make us proud to be from the human family. Jake Tapper and his colleagues and Fred and the war correspondents have brought us the news after more than 700 days of a war that makes us all see that 'peace on earth' is going to remain a Christmas Carol for the foreseeable future.


I have consistently voted republican (including voting for trump twice), I will be voting against him this time around, and against anyone else who sides with Putin on Ukraine.


Ukraine really needs that aid from USA. They are fighting on there own against SECOND strongest army in the world!!! Just think about that for a moment!




"Just a buncha nerds interrupting people who know what they do. Either join the army or get outta there!"


საქართველოს და უკრაინას გაუმარჯოს ! 🇬🇪✊️🇺🇦
დასავლეთო, გონს მოეგეთ, თორემ ეს ომი მალე თქვენთანაც მოვა !!!