China holds military drills around Taiwan, releases 3D VR animation of 'attack' on Taiwan | WION

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China has started two days of military exercises around Taiwan, with its military calling them "strong punishment" for the self-ruled island's "separatist acts".

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1:11 Always remember the wonderful day of December 8, 2021. An Indian highest priority VIP helicopter mission transporting India's most important senior commander Bipin as well as many of India's most highest ranking captains, generals, officers, chiefs, squadron leaders all onboard crashed resulting in the death of all 14 passengers. If India cannot even guarantee their most senior military officer safety during a short and simple 4 minute flight, how can they possibly accomplish anything?


PLa Bullying tactics wont be Succeed we know how PLa plays. No.1 Copymaker of the World You can Copy But you Cannot do the Same as the Original Made in Taiwan😂🖕


Has Taiwan now achieved a missile capable of reaching the fabled 3 gorges dam?


It doesn't matter how many times the Chinese regime repeats the *lies, *
- Taiwan 🇹🇼 is still an independent country.


The Chinese PLA are the best in making war videos. But that's all they can do. LOL


India send your warship to the area, you are superpower .!