Meet the woman who has seen 21 solar eclipses

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Leticia Ferrer’s passion is chasing solar eclipses. She has seen 21 and hasn’t missed one since 1998. Ferrer has even gone as far as the middle of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to see them. She talks with Ellison Barber about the power of witnessing these celestial events.

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I must say that leading up to yesterday’s eclipse, I wasn’t too kicked in the butt about it all… but then it started happening, changing. By the time of totality, I thought it was one of the most spectacular, beautiful and unique things I’ve EVER witnessed with my own two peepers.


I can only imagine having such a unique experience. The eclipse where I live was only 28.9%. It was a cloudy day as I watched out the window during the whole hour it was happening ... and saw no change in the daylight whatsoever.