King Charles was ‘miserable’ with ‘mismatch’ Diana… Camilla gave him backbone

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KING Charles was “so miserable” married to Diana but Queen Camilla has given him a “backbone”, according to a royal expert.

Royal editor Ingrid Seward revealed on The Sun’s Royal Show that the key to Charles and Camilla’s strong relationship is “laughter”.

Speaking to The Sun’s Royal Correspondent Matt Wilkinson, Ingrid shared: “Charles used to look so miserable when he was married to the gorgeous Diana - how could a man look so miserable married to someone so beautiful and lovely - but he was obviously very unhappy.

“He just looked so happy around Queen Camilla.

“And you can tell that she's sort of given him a backbone.

“She is really a glass half full, and he is a glass half empty - and she said that - and she makes him laugh.”

Ingrid shared how King Charles and Queen Camilla’s London home Clarence House is a “really happy place” and it is “full of laughter” and a “little bit chaotic.”

The royal editor added: “I think that they really have a laugh.”

“And I know that being royal really separates you from the rest of the world - it's a very lonely place to be.

“And if you have someone that you're not getting on with, it's even more difficult.”

Ingrid claimed that Queen Camilla is also “so supportive” of King Charles, which is something he “never had” growing up.

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They seem to be very content with one another, something he and Diana never had, just hanging out and being content.


Stop dredging up stories involving the late Princess let her rest in peace. She didnt asked to be matched with anyone.


He was jealous and threatened by Diana's popularity.


That is so terrible! Camilla had to give him a backbone! What kind of man is he! They know him and Camilla know what they did to Diana! Their ratings are not going to go up for this! Who cares!


What an unnecessary news report! Stepping on Diana to build up Charles. The only person who legit suffered in that marriage was Diana. He and the Cam used her, and were probably laughing behind her back from day one, as far as I'm concerned. It takes a very small and petty person be jealous of your wifes popularity, and then to take it out on her. Shame on him.


Oh diddums, she praises him and he gets all the attention because she puts him center stage. It wasnt dianas fault that she got all the attention! A beautiful charismatic people loving woman. I dont believe she deliberately tried to get all the attention whilst they were married. After they seperated, maybe. Who can blame her. I remember this woman being very much on charles side, not dianas.


You will never make people that were watching all this believe that Camilla is a good person and Diana was bad.


He is just watching Cam8lla to make sure she dont step out of line.


Arranged marriages can be unstable if ones heart isn't
In it
Duty calls as well which can conflict!


He wasnt that off her to have two kids with her.user.


Please, don't forget that
1) Charles was jealous of Diana.
2) Charles NEVER love Diana.
3) He loves Camilla & never stopped loving her.
4) Charles did not give HIMSELF a chance to love Diana.
5) He is not jealous of Camilla, therefore he never see her as someone to compete with.

Please, put it a rest.
Diana was loved more.


Didn’t like the comparison - Diana didn’t make Charles laugh but Camilla did


Camillayı sevimli gösterme çabaları...Boşa çaba.


Diana seemed to want to steal the spotlight. That's not a partner, that's a competitor. The difference between Diana and Camilla is, Diana dated Charles with the intent of being the wife/Queen. Camilla dated Charles with the intent to make him happy. Diana was focused on a position, Camilla the man. And for all Diana's talk of hating being married to Charles, when the Queen decided divorce was appropriate, Diana wanted to stay married. Diana was not a good fit, as she only wanted the position, not to be a partner.


When King Charles was married to Diana you could tell he was never truly happy, you could see it in his eyes and the way he help himself. With Queen Camilla he stands straight, smiles and jokes with people and seems so happy. I am happy they were able to come together later in life so they knew what they truly wanted. Long life the King and Queen.


Diana was a nightmare. She looked great on camera and v good at hugging strangers but I much prefer a practical Queen Camilla any day


😂🤣😂🤣😂👆 ole Charlie got as much back bone as a jellyfish


No one's fault but the person who had chosen $$ and status of true love - whatever that means. When some one had too many lovers, it becomes a narc. Narcs aren't capable of any real love. Everything is a transaction. Everything is agenda base for $$, power, and status. Learn about narcissists and everything will make sense.


Diana was a highly neurotic person, more in need of a father/therspist than a husband and Charles wasn't the sort of person to give her that ( if any man could). There never was a real chance this marriage would have worked, external factors aside. Charles never should have married her, I don't blame him for finding life with her insufferable.


Yes diana finally realised that Camilla did not break up their matriage it was other circumstances..