Diana told me real reason her marriage to Charles failed just before she died - it wasn't Camilla

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DIANA revealed the real reason her marriage with Charles ended shortly before death, says a royal expert.

Royal author Ingrid Seward spoke on The Sun's Royal Exclusives Show about a conversation she had with the late princess before she died.

The royal expert told The Sun's Royal Editor, Matt Wilkinson, Camilla was not the reason their marriage broke down despite the stories.

"She had this spectre of Camilla in her head the whole time, she was obsessed, yet when I last spoke to her I brought Camilla up, and she said 'oh it wasn't Camilla that ruined our marriage'," said Ingrid.

"She said, 'it was the people around my husband', and I thought to myself 'it wasn't Camilla? You've been complaining and complaining about her all these years'."

The author continued: "But she changed tact, and said it was the environment in which keeping a royal marriage together, you've got to be very strong, and probably far more mature than she was."

When asked about Queen Camilla stepping up for King Charles since his cancer diagnosis, Ingrid hailed her for taking on extra duties.

"She led them into King Constantine's memorial service, but it was different on Easter Sunday and people really respect her," said the expert.

"She was 50 when she got into this family and now she's 76. Unless you're born into it, it's quite hard, the Windsors have massive energy.

"Charles as a young man used to run everywhere, Prince Philip would run everywhere.

"Camilla doesn't have that kind of energy, and it really takes it out of her and I think a lot of people have a lot of respect for her."

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Charles and Camilla seem to be great friends. That is the key to a happy marriage & a happy life.


I don't believe for a second that Diana said that to her. At all.


I've heard Camilla has osteopenia or osteoarthritis and a lot of spinal pain so really, she is doing an extraordinary job at stepping up and helping through this time.


A loving husband is proud of his wife's beauty, not put off by the attention she gets.


AT 75 it's best to try to be happy and live in the present.


Continued Healing and Prayers to The King and The Princess of Wales. 😊💖🙏🇺🇸💖🙏


Charles has been happy since he got back together with Camilla. It was sad that he had to marry Diana.


There is also another overlooked facet why Prince William and Princess Catherine might get along so well: They were study-buddies. University-friendships are generally very strong and last often for a life-time. People, who fall in love with fellow-students in that time period, always have a baseline of seeing one another as equals. There are similarities in minds and values. Catherine was not just a princess coming in from a country estate or a fox-hunt gathering. William and Catherine shared formative experiences together in their Alma Mater, surrounded by equally like-minded friends.


People don't understand that when two souls find each other there is nothing can separate them. Charles always looked so unhappy around Diana


It’s obvious that they make each other very happy. ❤


Arranged marriages hardy ever work Now he is married for love and it shows Sadly Diana never found it.


Charles needed mothering and Camilla knows how to do that with Charles. They're compatible and Diana and Charles were definitely Not compatible. Diana needed parenting and nuturing too and Charles couldn't do that.
The rules for royalty prevented Charles and Camilla from marrying initially, and that was just wrong. Charles never should have married Diana. She should have been a woman who found the right kind of man for her and she'd most likely be alive today and happy. She was too young to decide whom to marry.


Charles and Diana were a mismatch. That may be why they both saw the marriage as a vehicle to promote themself, individually rather than as a team. That sort of marriage can be successful if both parties are discrete, honest with and don't compete with the other.


Kate and William exude warmth.. very true


I think with Kate and William you can see the spark between them .


A supportive spouse is heaven on earth.


Fascinating insight into Diana’s last thoughts on her marriage! Sometimes when people are angry after a break up, the want someone to blame, as anger dissolves, the real reasons come out.


I think you're right. Laughter is the best glue to keep love strong in a marriage. My husband and I love and laugh together everyday. He's my best friend and I could not be more in love ❤ we're in our 50s and still going strong


I'm American and til recently didn't like Camilla and Charles for no particular reason. Now I'm glad they're married and that Camilla is receiving positive press for being a good person. She surely paid her dues. And markle whines about HER negative press? Maybe she should start being a good person. That way people would stop seeing how awful she is.


I think Camila is doing a wonderful job, she has shown to the world how supportive she is to the Crown and Royal Family ... Camila should be cheered more .. Excellent work Camila keep pushing ..such a strong lady