What Russia's Losses In Ukraine Could Mean For Putin And Russia

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Tom Nichols and Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the failures that have marked the invasion.

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What Russia's Losses In Ukraine Could Mean For Putin And Russia
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“ The Russian people are not going to put up with this forever”

Only the last hundred years or so


This is what a corrupt autocracy looks like. The people at the top benefit. Everything and everyone else suffers. Take a good look. It's a house of cards.


The man makes some good points. Regardless of the results of this war, Europe will move away from Russia economically. Less investment for Russia, less exports, winding down of their fossil fuel export-based economy, collapse of many sectors of their economy mortally wounded by the separation from a much wealthier neighbour to the west. In the medium to long term, Russia is done.


In this important day in history.

April 22, 1945, Adolf Hitler realizes his last line of defense against Allied counter-aggressors was none existent and finally admits defeat as he took his own life while hiding his bunker, ending his reign of violence and terror once and for all.


"Staggering Incompetence" .. Best description I have heard so far on this war by putin.


Let's hope this staggering incompetence will also result in the Russian army rebelling.


I believe we are in a new era of the stock market falling to its real value as it should. Your metrics for valuing stocks and comparing pre covid are irrelevant. All stocks need to crash in price. Mr Sam Deymon was Very solid and helpful to me.


"No Russian leader has done this much damage to his country in this short a time"
Stalin would like to have a word.


It is so sad in a way that a country like Russia has so much potential to be prosperous just throw it down the drain.


"Staggering incompetence" losing your flagship to a Navy that didn't have ships in the water.


When you look at the old russian equipment's lack of maintenance, lack of training and supply of the troops ect. You begin to realize just how much a nice big yacht really costs.


Russia had serious demographic and economic challenges even before this disastrous move. It will not be a good place to live for the coming decades.


Too bad Russia didn't have a better leader. Russia could have become a prosperous, respected, democratic country with a standard of living similar to that of Western European countries. Instead, Russia got an ex-KGB agent who was determined to re-fight the Cold War.


To those Ukrainian heroes in Mariupol, your valor will live forever in the annals of human history as you held freedom in your brave and beautiful hands and did not let go, even in the face of death. Long live Ukraine!!


You GO, UKRAINE ! The people of Canada salute you, while trying to avoid a nuc. war. Putin is not worth it. John M. Hill, author


“Staggering incompetence”. The defining summary.


He has already lost even if he wins on the battlefield. A completely Pyrrhic victory.


When your country is 11-time zones, the largest on earth, with boundless natural and human resources... and you still feel inadequate or unhappy with things and you HAD to take more lands from your next door neighbors, in all kinds of Hitler-type reasons (my people are persecuted so they asked me for help, so I go helping them, etc), you will never be happy.

If, on top of all that, you also have up to 6, 000 nukes, of which more than 1, 500 are ICBMs that travel up to Mach 26... with even better ICBM engine drives coming on, recently tested, and you are still not feeling secure... the threats are not from without; they're from within you...

If Russia were, for example, to have conquered Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Georgia, etc.... again or for the first time .... she would still be "unsafe" because her borders, in that situation, would be against all NATO nations. She has problems with Western Europeans; she has problems with the Japanese in the east (still technically in a war against Japan from their unresolved war in the early 1900s).

Russia just has way too much land and not enough people to develop it, so Putin goes out of his way to create more problems for himself and the Russian people, so they have "good excuses" as to why a nation of 145M people, with more lands and more natural resources than they know what to do with... has an economy that is tiny South Korea's economy, with South Korea being 170 times smaller, without any of Russia's natural resources....


The gentleman around 11:00 into the video does a great job of breaking down how horrible armies run by dictators are, and how they're literally a house of cards that just need one stamp of the foot to bring it all collapsing down. How the "FEAR" amongst all the soldiers is one of the prime things that cause them to make horrible decisions.


As a Marine Corps veteran it looks to me that the Ukrainians have adopted the small unit leadership doctrine. Small pockets of fighter in the villages taking charge and leading from the front. Civilians are also doing a marvelous job supporting their military.