5 Things NOT to Do in Japan! #Shorts

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"5 things" Japanese actually dislike! Japanese reacts to “12 Things NOT to do in Japan”!

*The content is based on personal studies and experience
There is no intention of denying other theories and cultural aspects

1. Doing various things with chopsticks
Especially avoid “sticking your chopsticks in your food,” “handing something from chopstick to chopstick,” and “pointing at someone/something with chopsticks.”
(Just like in many places around the world,) Table manners are an important way to show your respect to others in Japan too.

2. Talking in loud voices in a closed area (including phones)“A closed area” included trains, buses, elevators, saunas, etc.
Staying quiet is thought of as a way to care for the people around you.

3. Sitting on the ground/floor
Unless it is a picnic park or a Japanese traditional style room, basically sitting on the ground/floor is considered a dirty and vulgar act.
If you see people sitting down in front of convenient stores in anime, it’s usually a group of bad boys and girls.

4. Being barefoot on tatami mats
Tatami mats are the floorings of Japanese traditional style rooms, which are made from natural straw.
If they get dirty they can’t be removed, so it's best to always wear or bring socks to show respect towards the house/hotel owner.

5. Using “anime Japanese”
The Japanese language has a very strict line between formal and casual, and accidentally speaking like how anime characters do might make some people (especially strangers or superiors) feel uncomfortable.

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Important note crime is also not recommend


I get the last one. If someone came to my country and started talking like Peter Griffin I’d be weirded out too


sitting on the floor of the bus on a dirty tatami mat without socks screaming gibberish words like a antagonist from a anime and throwing around chopsticks pointing at people and picking with them into sushi


Well I already love the idea of people speaking quietly in enclosed areas.


Me: Hi Onii-chan!!
Boss: you're fired.


Ok the passing things with chopsticks must be the most skilled way of being disrespectful. That is difficult


Anime characters will frequently yell "Shine! (死ね)" at each other but I've heard this is a great way to get punched in the face by an irl Japanese person. 🙃


It's remind me about my friend, he said he wanted to get college in Japan, and when I ask him "can you speak Japanese?" He said "off course dude, i watch a bunch of anime"


"Don't talk loudly"

Me an Introvert : HA you have to be better than that!


When a man with a sword around his belly tells you 5 things not to do in Japan, you better not do it because he means serious business


as an introvert who just stands around during social events, I see all of this as a win win.


I wish the don't talk loudly in closed spaces was a rule here. It's like being included in some strange problem when you just wanna go on with your own business. ;;




"Don' speak loudly in closed areas"
-Spain, LATAM and Italy: *Nervous swaeting


Being half Japanese, I’ve broken all these rules. We used to throw our chop sticks at each other like they were those ninja needle thingy’s. My grandma didn’t appreciate us using her Buddha statues as action figure sumo wrestlers either.


It is still bewildering that people still believe the average japanese people speak like anime characters. So they pepper their speech with nonsensical words like Dattebayo, Nigerundayo, Tuturuu, Za Warudo or Mada Mada Dane. No one speaks like that!


I'm beginning to learn it'd be easier/shorter just to make a list of things that are acceptable. 😐


Honestly, the second one is true in the US as well but about 15% of people haven’t figured it out yet. There’s always that one jerk with their phone on speaker in a public area.


If I’m going to Japan I’m keeping the fact that I watch anime Locked up tight. It’s like someone in japan watching high school musical and coming here thinking we break into song at every chance we can.


"don't talk loadly"
Is snoring count