Biden says US will name Kenya 'major non-NATO ally,' launches Nairobi-Washington Vision

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U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday announced that his administration is working with Congress to name Kenya as "a major non-NATO ally" during a joint press conference at the White House, saying it "is a fulfilment of years of collaboration."

Biden also announced the launch of what he called the "Nairobi-Washington Vision" that will assemble international financial institutions and nations to mobilize more resources for debt-ridden countries like the East African nation.

"These are big goals, it will take time to see lasting progress," he said.

Ruto, on his part, expressed "deep concern" over what he said are the "accelerating drift toward regimes indifferent to democratic values," adding that he believes it is time for the United States, along with Kenya, to rally "like-minded democratic countries to set up the course for democracy."
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"major non-NATO ally" What for? we have our own issues in Africa of which majority are caused by same America.


You will get ammunition you just see half glass empty


More money printing more, war and more home less people in America.


How can Ruto do that to Africans??? This man has lost his values 🙄🙄


Kenya president democratic partnership within and foreign countries is an advantageous for the growth of the country.


Please, Kenya. Don’t trust the devil.


Kenya A non nato Allie what does that mean ??


This guy wasn't democratically elected. While the average Kenyan struggles to survive on less than a dollar a day, he has millions if not billions in his foreign accounts.