Gravitas: Russia could invade this European country next

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Another European country is fearing a Russian invasion. Moldova is afraid that Russia could mount an offensive to take the country. Moldova's Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita said: "We are very worried". Palki Sharma tells you more.

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If Russia not doing well in Ukraine how can it move to Moldova?
That means Russia is doing really well in Ukraine


Moldova? Are they serious? Who in their right mind would need Moldova? Transnistria may be interesting for Russia, because its inhabitants themselves want to join Russia. But nobody needs Moldova.


Where did these "facts" about the attack on Moldova come from? Lukashenko didn't say a word about it, just pointed to a map with various regions around Ukraine. It's a pity, I thought that at least somewhere there is a semblance of objective news, and not another yellow press


Moldova should finally agree to unite with Romania. Then it will automatically be a member of the EU, and its abysmal economy will be significantly improved.


It seems that


Palki's last statement.
Will the West help?
The West: Well, we've learnt our lessons with Ukraine and we're still bleeding from our own sanctions.


I remember seeing a TV show that showed labs working on "antidotes" for smallpox and others in Moldova. This can easily be used as a pretext.


Please respect the future of the people it's democracy ... It's freedom it's a peaceful country


People in suits and ties deciding how those on the battlefield are gonna die, I bet they've never been behind the enemy lines and witnessed how the whole scenario unfolds.


Corruption is an important aspect to fullfill before being accepted in the EU. Visited moldova and north macedonia this year. As a tourist we can observe this at their borders(corruption). Moldovian officers, big salute to them. Very professional. In north macedonia, they asked my tour guide for under table money. My tour guide refused to pay. They started finding fault in my passport, our car etc (there were 2 other european nationality in the car. I was an easy target to give problems as i was a coloured asian)..when all was in order they had no choice to let us go..but that 1 hour of hell made me realise a corrupted country at all levels can be seen clearly by a tourist at immigration check points and police in public moldova i did not get that north macedonia it is similar to many corrupted asian, african and south american countries i have been to. So its about time EU accepts moldova!!!


It would be nice if you could publish the news about what is happening in the area of ​​the former Yugoslavia since the war in Ukraine started. Residents of Serbia and other parts of the former Yugoslavia are exposed to constant threats that bombs have been planted in schools, airports and other public institutions. And all because they did not want to join the sanctions against Russia. Thank you.


When I was taking War Preparedness courses in the Soviet Union we had many maps like this one called "theoretical exercises". They would begin something like this: "This and that country in Europe has launched a 2-prong invasion of the Soviet Union" or "is planning an in invasion of Soviet Union, main battle groups located here and here". I don't know what theoretical exercises they play in modern Belarusian MOD, but I'm pretty certain that whoever slipped one of those maps to Lukashenka by accident is sorely regretting it by now. Other than that, I'm rather certain that Putin would not make Lukashenka privy of his long reaching war plans as early as March, so Moldova can breathe easy.


I thought Ukraine is preparing a 1 million people army to push out the Russians in the south and is winning the war, why are they worried if this is true 🤔😂


Russia wants Transnistria for sure, but I doubt they long for paying Moldovan pensions. Neither Ukraine nor Moldova are ready to join the EU, nor they can, according to the rules.


Article 42 of the Treaty on European Union forms the basis of the Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). While most of its clauses focus on improving the military capability of the member states and implementing the CSDP, Article 42(7) is more ambitious. This is a mutual defence clause that obliges all member states to render aid to any other member state that becomes a victim of armed aggression on its territory. In this regard, it is very similar to Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which establishes the principle of collective defence and the idea that an attack against one member state in Europe or North America is an attack against all.


If this is high level security meeting, will they allow video shooting?
Common sense yaar, confusing opposition is a grand opd trick in war 😂


Moldova should probably ditch Transnistria and join Romania already.


Ita kinda funny how Moldova became a "european" country all of a sudden.


This is what happens, when you report something, you have no knowledge of, let alone speak the language, to determine what has been said, in this case by Lukashenko, who contrary to the claims of WION, never said anything of the sort with regard to Moldova, while pointing to the map


For Transnistria, the region's origins can be traced to the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, which was formed in 1924 within the Ukrainian SSR. During World War II, the Soviet Union took parts of the Moldavian ASSR, which was dissolved, and of the Kingdom of Romania's Bessarabia to form the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1940.

The Moldavian SSR, organised by a decision of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on 2 August 1940, was formed out of a part of Bessarabia (taken from Romania on 28 June, after the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact) and out of a part of the Moldavian ASSR roughly equivalent to present-day Transnistria.

Transnistria was a product of NAZI-Germany's and USSR's Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

Just on a sidenote: Europeans including Russians do have a common fate: two World Wars.

It's a byproduct of the UK and Poland defense agreement that only specified Nazi Germany and it watered down USSR's Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact component