Canadian, French leaders call on G7 members to confront Trump over trade

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마크롱, G7서 미국 제외한 6개국 공동전선 촉구
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The leaders of Canada and France say they will use the upcoming G7 summit to confront their U.S. counterpart Donald Trump on trade, urging other G7 members to do the same.
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What did the two leaders have to say?

Well Mark…Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron took a confrontational tone towards Trump.
They were speaking side by side on Parliament Hill in Ottawa a day ahead of Friday's G7 summit in Canada.
Macron suggested Washington's protectionist measures were leading to what he described as a new U.S. "hegemony."

"The United States are naturally a great economic power, but if they continue towards a form of isolationism, brutal hegemony, of distancing themselves from their own history, from their own values, from the role they play in international organizations - where they are leaders - by deciding to remove themselves, that will be bad for the United States of America."

Both leaders also said President Trump's recent decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports was illegal and also harmful to the American people.

"It is American jobs which will be lost because of the actions of the United States and its administration."

Trump fired back by tweeting France and Canada were hurting the United States with unfair trade practices and imposing what he called "massive tariffs" on American imports.
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America can't be great again without renogotiating bad trade regulations. Trump is doing just that. Unfair trade regulations is apart of a massive swamp which Mr. Trump wish to clean-up. I believe in Christ & on Trump. May God Bless Him