'Does This War Still Look Fake to You?' – @jayschnellofficial #ukraine #kramatorsk

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People will say a war is fake because they're evil, not because they're naive. Protect your good heart.


Im fairly certain that people that deny russian atrocities are so far beyond delusional that there is no use wasting your breath trying to convince them otherwise


How in the hell can anyone actually think this war is fake??!!!😳


The only thing fake is the propaganda from Russia 😊


Reagan would be appalled if he knew his party stood with russia


Slava Ukraini! Heroiam Slava! 🗺❤ 🇺🇦


Russian trolls should be reported as harassing. Then just ignore them.


It's crazy people will deny atrocities and even side with Ruzzia just because a politician they didn't vote for happens to be helping Ukraine.


Well said.
I'm a British man who has had many arguments with people who I've never known as well as some of my best friends who either believe that Ukraine is actually taking the weapons off of the western allies and selling them.
A few months ago, I actually had a very heated argument with my best friend who told me that Ukraine's president is taking the money off the West and America and basically stealing every penny given in aid. It was mindblowing to say the very least as i have followed this war from the very moments that Russia and their Orc's invaded Ukraine's sovereign lands. Needless to say I wasn't too impressed by what he was saying, but I did tell him that if he bothered to do some kind of reasonable research that he would learn a thing or two regarding just how backwards and wrong his comments are. I also told him that I'd be more than happy to discuss it further with him aslong as he bothered to actually look closer to the truth of the war and not just listen to Russian propaganda being spread around the Internet by Russian Orc's.
Ukraine's soldiers and all the helpers of Ukraine are the heroe's of this war started by a greedy dictator known as Khulio Putin!!!


It was in Kramatorsk where around 50 peoole died and many were wounded due to a rusdian attack with missiles carrying cludter munitions.
The victims were civilians among them many children.
They were waiting at the train station in order to flee from the warzone.


I can only argue from an American point of view and I'll say the days of arguing over taxes and other simple political beliefs are gone and now it's just a fight over true and false and good versus evil.


I'm glad your friend left before the attack. My condolences to those who lost their friends and loved ones as a result of this attack


I've been keeping up with it from the start and that's the first time I've heard anyone say anything about it being fake.


God bless Ukraine. The courage the people display every day is an inspiration to all freedom loving souls the world over.


You don't need convince me
I was born in Soviet Union and know what "russians" can do
I'm russian speaking, since I was taught that language from 4th grade, but so do I speak another 3 languages fluently
Thank you for your work. Bless you !


Dear God, please protect the innocent people of Ukraine. Help them and give them strength.🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤


Ukraine right now is probably the greatest reality check most of us will ever get in our entire lives.


Slava ukraina 💙💛✌💯✅✅😎🚬💥"fake "???


Ukraine territory is a whopping 603, 628 square kilometers (233, 062 sq mi), Russia at one point  occupied a total of 161, 000 km2 (62, 000 sq mi) or almost 27% of Ukraine's territory and some has been librated so now we are down to 119, 000 km2 

What really gets me is that some ppl. are now saying why does Ukraine not just let Russia have the areas /land it’s just a small part of Ukraine

A small part of Ukraine ...WE ARE taking about a land mass is 119, 000 km2 
In EU terms thats the size of Belgium, Holland, luxembourg all put together..

In UK terms that the size of all of Scotland and 80% of England all put together !!

In US terms is the size of South Carolina, West Virginia all put together !!

Why the f. should Ukraine give Russia all that land for what? TO ONLY be invaded some years later when Russia as had a brake and regrouped, rebuilt its army and fortified positions !!

I SAY RUSSIA GETS TO TAKE LAND AND DEMAND UKRAINE CAN NOT JOIN NATO IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL !! Nobody wants to be a "buffer country".  NO nation wants to have a little bit of freedom !!!! ; The whole concept is demeaning to an independent nation. NO nation wants to have a little bit of freedom  and self-determination, like some sort of 2nd class country; That is not right, and Russia has no right to demand or bully Ukrainians or Ukraine to accept that Ukraine and its ppl. should become some sort of lap dog on a leash 2nd class country to serve kremlins geopolitical agenda; so Kremlin, Putin and RuZZans can feel better about themselves ...

is embarrassing that the US and Europe do not support Ukraine more than they do, the US. were in Afghanistan for 20 years and achieved less than Ukraine in 2 years, and Ukraine is also a much stronger opponent with many more resources !! As a Norwegian I am ashamed of our policies in the west, the western nations governments use every opportunity to go on national TV and tell how much they support, but the truth is that we have only provided 94 Euros per inhabitant, it is ridiculous when we look at the size of Ukraine, the opponent and the way Russia has bombed cities in Ukraine back to the Stone Age, and that we (western nations ) have not lost a single person in the war, we are talking about Europe, democracy and freedom that Ukraine is defending, one can only be ashamed


"Ginny!" said Mr. Weasley, flabbergasted. "Haven't I taught you anything? What have I always told you? Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain!"