China military drills: Taiwan mobilises forces as exercise begins

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Taiwan has mobilised its forces -- after China launched two days of military exercises...
Chinese state Television released this map of drills being held around the island...
They're taking place days after Lai Ching-te was inaugurated as president -- with a promise to maintain Taiwan's sovereignty.
China has ramped up drills since his election win in January.

Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu has the latest in Beijing, China.

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I am an ordinary Chinese person, but to be honest, I think there is a significant difference between the Chinese and the people of other countries.

From a young age, Chinese people know their country's history and language.

For example, by the age of nine, I was already reciting and reading texts that were 2, 000 years old without difficulty.

This is because the Chinese language has changed very little over the centuries.

Many people’s hobbies include calligraphy, which involves copying texts from 2, 000 to 1, 500 years ago and striving to emulate the mindset of the writers from that era.

If you don’t, you simply cannot reproduce it.

Calligraphy is the most popular hobby in China. Imagine, an ordinary Chinese person like me, having a hobby of replicating texts from 1, 600 years ago or more, 3500+.

In the UK, being able to read Shakespeare from 400 years ago is considered cultured.

In China, understanding a 400-year-old novel is a skill possessed by children around the age of ten.

This is true; when I was nine, I had already finished reading the Four Great Classical Novels, each one older than Shakespeare.

I mention all this because China is an enormous country that changes extremely slowly. So slowly that when China established its first overseas naval base, it was on the exact same day, 612 years after Zheng He’s expeditions. So slowly that our first aircraft carrier was named after the location where we first suffered defeat by a modern navy, and its hull number is 16—because in the naval battle over 80 years ago, 15 large ships were sunk.

To the Chinese, it was only natural that the first aircraft carrier was named 16. After 15 comes 16. I remember as a small child reading a book encouraging us to build a navy. It contained an imagined picture of the Chinese navy 40 years into the future, showing our first aircraft carrier with the hull number 16.

To sum it up: the Chinese Communist Party is made up of Chinese people. Since when have the Chinese not kept their word? Take the Three-North Shelter Forest Program, which you have always mocked. This project began before I was born and will not be fully completed until years after my death. Similarly, the South-North Water Transfer Project was undertaken by the Communist Party with the promise that it would be completed in 75 years, benefiting future generations forever. None of us doubts that this project will succeed.

We are a people of history. When I weep over the calligraphy of patriots from 1, 600 years ago, when all Chinese do this, when I tell my child, "If I die and Taiwan has not yet returned, I will die with regrets! When Taiwan returns, don’t burn paper money for me—burn a map of that time, and I will be satisfied."

Long live, the great Chinese Communist Party!

Long live, the great Chiraman Mao !

Long live the great Chinese people!


Taiwan is one of province of China, and USA supports to separate from China


Taiwan has more freedom than palistine even just 11 small countries recognise it 😀


Comment section calling China a bully and paper tiger at the same time, the level of cognitive dissonance is very interesting


The Taiwan issue has absolutely nothing to do with the United States. This is equivalent to California wanting to become independent, but the United States does not agree, and then China sends troops to help California become independent. Don’t you Americans feel dirty?


1) In 1894, Japan invaded China and Korea, the Qing govt was defeated and signed the [Treaty of Shimonoseki] to cede Taiwan Island to Japan.

2) During the WW2, at the Cairo Conference held in 1943, China asked the transfer of Taiwan's sovereignty back to China after the war. This content was included in the [Cairo Declaration] and later reiterated in the [Potsdam Proclamation] that it should be implemented.

3) In 14 Aug & 2 Sept 1945, the Emperor and govt of Japan issued the [End War Edict] and [Japanese Instrument of Surrender], Japan surrendered and accepted the [Potsdam Proclamation]. Japanese troops in Taiwan surrendered to KMT General CKS and Taiwan re-entered the territory of the Republic of China (ROC).

4) Soon after that China civil war broke out in between KMT and CCP, the KMT was defeated and fled to Taiwan. However, due to US intervention, the CCP without strong navy at that time has no ability to unify Taiwan. The CCP then established the People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1949. The civil war continues.

5) In 1971, UN Resolution No. 2758 ruled that the PRC had obtained the representation rights and all legal rights originally owned by the ROC in the UN. That means the PRC is China’s only legal govt under international law and is recognized by 181 countries around the world, including the USA.

"The USA recognizes the Government of the PRC as the sole legal Government of China."
"The USA acknowledges the Chinese position that there is but one China and Taiwan is part of China."
Joint Cummunique on the Establishment of Diplomatic relations between the PRC and the USA in 1979.

Please refer to President Jimmy Carter's Speech on Relations with China.

6) Therefore, according to international law, international reality, and the wishes of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, Taiwan should return to PRC and the PRC have every rights to protect it's sovereign integrity.


No taiwan sovereignty, chinese sovereignty.


China: We are defending our territory solidarity. Ours is ours. US: We are defending/enforcing our democracy all over the world. The whole world is mine.


"Nailed to a pillar of shame" kind of a killer line tho


If Taiwan behaves like Ukraine, Taiwan's situation will be worse than Ukraine.


I don't think USA can separate taiwan province from the China.


Well America meddling man.. Why they won't allow weopons delivery from. China to Cuba..


The inauguration speech of Taiwan’s new DPP president (only 40% votes and a minority parliament) overemphasized the threat from the CCP. This is a consistent tactic of the DPP. Whenever the polls drop, it’s like a chihuahua calling out the CCP. The United States hopes that both sides of the Taiwan Strait maintain the status quo and never allow Taiwan statehood and independence.


Does Al Jazeera not know that flag is the Chinese Nationalist flag that flies on Taiwan???? Taiwan is not a country.


United States also conducted two days of submarine training. The Chinese never knew.


Google “the guardian Lai inauguration speech “
“Lai is known to have stronger views on Taiwan independence than Tsai, but has toned down his position in recent years and pledged to continue Tsai’s more moderate policy path of protecting the status quo, maintaining Taiwan’ sovereignty, and deterring Chinese aggression.”

Even if the inauguration speech was intentional by the US and DPP, it is still a very dangerous game.


I support China 🇨🇳 because China 🇨🇳 support Palestine 🇵🇸. Its adversaries such as India 🇮🇳 USA 🇺🇸 and Japan 🇯🇵 all support Israel 🇮🇱

Free Palestine 🇵🇸


“Dies irae, dies illa, solvet saeculum, in favilla…”. Cerberus…the peace concept reveals itself…


Crazies, just like Gaza… strong words from US congress & hearings


Just nice... It's part of training to Fujian first sea trials completion..
Taiwan has already given green light to China using the region for military exercises