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I am Ukrainian. My country has been invaded by Russia. In this video, I will tell you what happened on the eight-hundred-eighteenth day of the war.

Day 818: May 21

Today, there are a lot of updates from the Liman direction.

Here, Russian forces attempted to eliminate the Ukrainian bridgehead east of the Zherebets River. Meanwhile, Ukrainians are fiercely countering these assaults with relentless drone strikes and powerful artillery barrages and even started gaining more ground.

As stated in the previous report, Russian forces had exhausted their combat capabilities during their costly attempts to cross the river and attack Liman, forcing Russians to enter a period of reorganization. This allowed Ukrainians to counterattack and retake numerous positions in the tree lines. As Russians were still disorganized, they were unable to mount a counterattack and were forced to accept the Ukrainian tactical gains.

During the period of reorganization, Russian commanders realized that it was futile to simply continue their previous suicidal attacks, as Ukrainians would counter and destroy them all the same. Therefore, Russian commanders devised a strategy in an attempt to finally break through and collapse the Ukrainian bridgehead on the eastern bank of the river. Their plan consisted of two parts. First, they would conduct large infantry attacks in the direction of Terny and Yampolivka. Russian commanders hoped that a series of powerful attacks would divert the attention of the Ukrainian defenders toward the north. Hereafter, Russians would execute a powerful mechanized assault aimed at quickly breaking through the distracted Ukrainian defenders and establishing a foothold in Torske.

If the Russian assault on Torske succeeds, the Russians would cut off a major supply line to Ukrainians in the north and split the Ukrainian defenses in two. While such a breakthrough would be a severe blow to the Ukrainian defense, it would not mean the collapse of the bridgehead. Ukrainians still control numerous other crossing points over the river, with which to reinforce and supply their positions in the north.

With the Russian reorganization complete and a new course of action established, Russian forces resumed their offensive operation. A Ukrainian military blogger reported that Russians were launching numerous assaults towards Terny and Yampolivka. Russians were using armored transport vehicles to deliver infantry assault groups to the forests in front of the settlements before quickly pulling back before Ukrainians had the time to destroy them. The assault groups then continued their attacks on foot, assaulting Ukrainian positions from all sides.

Ukrainian soldiers active in the area reported that the fighting here was intense and that they had inflicted high casualties on Russian forces. The soldiers stated that Russian forces were able to capture two positions during these heavy clashes but that the Russian assault overall was a failure, as they had destroyed numerous Russian assault groups. Ukrainian drone operators then released geolocated footage showing how they were attacking Russian infantry in the forests and tree lines with drone-dropped grenades. The drone operators stated that their main goal was to inflict maximum losses on the enemy and to leave the Ukrainian infantry as little work to do as possible.

After these assaults, Russians launched a series of mechanized assaults in the direction of Torske, with a total of 10 armored vehicles and a high amount of infantry. The first assault was launched early in the morning and consisted of 3 armored personnel carriers and two tanks. Already on the approach, the Russian assault group came under heavy fire from Ukrainian artillery crews. When the Russian assault group reached an opening between the tree lines, it became apparent that Ukrainians had mined this chokepoint with anti-tank mines, creating a kill zone.

In the first assault, Russian armored vehicles were able to pass over these mines with mine rollers but were destroyed in the fields by Ukrainian artillery. Later, assault groups got stuck in this chokepoint, as Ukrainians managed to destroy a Russian vehicle here with artillery, blocking the path for those behind it. The footage then shows how the rest of the Russian armored vehicles came under a massive artillery barrage, even leading some vehicles to attempt to...
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Music to my ears: "Unfortunately for If you are in U.S. call your Congress critter and tell them to undo the idiotic BS policy of not allowing Ukraine to hit targets in Russia.


Now we need Europe to kick into gear and boost shell production so that US aid is not needed in case Trump gets back in.


Glad to see the military aid is starting to come through. Sorry it took so long.


Look what happens when Ukraine can boast even just a tenth of the Russian firepower.

That's how you know Ukrainians are the better soldiers


I like how I can just wake up and RFU posts a freshly baked video report for me to watch while still in bed.


The phrase "Unfortunately for Russians" remains one of my favorite memes from this channel (plus persisting despite all the Russian bots abusing the report functions)


Okay boys, and ladies! Keep the phone calls to your leaders and representatives, thanking them for supporting Ukraine and shipping weapons and other aid. Let's keep up the pressure!


We are in 1938… lets not make Ukraine the new Czechoslovakia.


Imagine what it must feel like running on foot through an open field, having drones chasing and cluster munitions falling from the sky.


🇦🇺💙💛✌ 🇺🇦 All this just goes to show what a total A.H. Moses Mike is for delaying that aid. None of the ruZZian advances would have been possible as clearly the AFU knows how to use the stuff that is sent to Ukraine.
Slava Ukraini and thanks for the report.


"UfR" is everybody's favorite quote on RfU.


RFU is my first YT visit of the day and never disappoints. Keep up the good work.


Great job by Ukraine forces and your reporting. Thanks


Much awaited, much appreciated excellent insights as always from you. ✌️ 🇺🇦


4:28 "unfortunately for russians"


I only watch this guy's videos to see if there are any russian bots i can laugh my a*# off


TVP also announced that Zelenski canceled future trips out of the country to help watch the Kharkiv situation unfold. Slava Ukraine! 💙💛


Stay safe. Conserve Shells: 1shell=1TankZ.
🇺🇦Slava Ukraini. Heroyam Slava🇺🇦


Very encouraging and hopeful. Thank you.