Africa 54: Biden designates Kenya a non-Nato ally, and award-winning Thandiswa Mazwai joins the show

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U.S. President Joe Biden lavishes Kenyan President William Ruto with a state dinner and announces designating Kenya as a major non-Nato ally. And -- in our entertainment report, Heather Maxwell presents a montage of live music. She also talks to Thandiswa Mazwai, one of South Africa’s most influential post-apartheid singers. All this and much more coming up on today’s Africa 54!

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mr.ruto simple man full of actions .bravo bravo he will change africa we have to bear the pain to see results.


Africa is on the up up think positive on Africa rise


The. successful President's State Visit in U. S. A. is the best phenomena Kenyans have acquired . The cordial relationship in between U. S. A and Kenya is now more strengthened than before . When the President was asked about his way forward , he said, " l am neither going towards North, South, East nor West ". , " But I am going FORWARD!!!" What an intelligent, wise, Kenyans have!!! Congratulations our beloved President Kenyans are very proud of your beloved Government. Don't take heed of dissidents who don't like peace in Haiti just ignore them, Kenyans, Haitians, Caribbean Community, the Haiti well wishers worldwide including U. S. A is behind your vision and Mercy Mission in Haiti. Haiti Must Be FREE!!!! May God Bless U.S.A., KENYA, and Have Mercy upon Haiti.


Kenyan's should fight hard that, Pr Ruto does not rub shoulders with EastAfrican longest serving dictators.


Biden & wife together as one Luto & One as together


I m very happy to see how President Ruto doing for mwananzi.
I don't understand what people say unless he does for hessuller. There people waiting to be fed with spoonn instead of each taking advantage of opportunities. Kenyan have developed a habit of saying how bad is Kenya.
Yet if you travel other part of Africa you realise how quick Kenya is growing.
They say there no jobs.
Alsway find a very condusive environment for Kenyan to work any hesseller job.
2 yrs ago i recorded city council beating n taking goods from husselers.
Today you just need to go in Any places and find people working un market n cities.
Thos eho don't want yo work a busy criticism. While others a busy working ir jobs. Ruto cannot go in people home to feed them. He creates opportunities.n condusive environment to work.


Ruto out!
Wake Up Africa and Unite


CBK wanangojea "you have received". Zakayo anarudi na madoh


President Ruto is new Gadafi of Africa. He hold grudges & bitterness with their former Western colonialists. Hold praises for China & Putin of Russia


that interview of citizens is focused on negative people a lone. the president is doing a lot.


Kenya is taken as a colony for the second time. A country once libersted by Jomo Kenyatas' freedom struggle now surrendered to colonizers. Rutto sold Kenyans