Five key areas Russian forces have adapted ahead of expected summer offensive in Ukraine

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Russian forces in Ukraine are continuing to make small territorial gains along the eastern front as Kyiv waits for new supplies of US military aid.

On his Telegram account, Ukraine's commander-in-chief gave a sobering assessment, stating the situation had worsened and his forces were under attack across the frontline.

The Russian military remains tactically poor, but it is proving to be adaptable.

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"The Russian Military remains tactically poor" I'll just leave this here


How is the Russian army tactically poor when they are winning? What is the use of your tactical 'superiority' when you are losing? Is this not being delusional and believing your own hype?


Calling Russia "tactically poor" is rich coming from people whose tactics never saw the battlefield. Unless you count the _NATO-trained🌟_ Ukies whose "best offensive ever" captured a village, two hovels and three potato patches over the span of four months at the low low cost of hundreds of vehicles and thousands of lives. All of which has been retaken by now...


"They're tactically poor" but somehow they're doing well😂😂 Mainstream media is a joke.


West has failed on Ukraine 🇺🇦 miserably


Embarrassing report “ poor tactics “ 😂😂


The easiest way for NATO to defeat Russia would have been to let it join the EU back when they asked for it.


So this tactically poor country and its tactically poor army is singlehandedly defeating 20+ countries. Also defeating literally the entire special forces spectrum the entire west has. Also defeating mercenaries which are pouring in their thousands from all over the world. Plus the Ukrainians mobilized their populace as well adding hundreds of thousands of soldiers which have also been mostly killed by Russia by now.
Plus Russia is learning and improving.
The west should be scared shitless by now.
If they can do all this while being tactically poor then they can win the whole world when they become tactically superior.
Meanwhile Rishi Sunak is thinking of looting entire britian and running away to Canada.
Did I miss anything?


"Tactically poor!" really but beating more than 36 countries.


Manufacturing 100 new tanks a month??
How long did it take to manufacture 100 Challengers?
Apparently we have forgotten the lessons of WWII.


Have you considered that Ukrainian reports on losses has nothing to do with reality? 70% of casualties on both sides is to arty. Russia has significant advantage in arty.


Russia is tactically poor but winning. The important part is winning


"War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for yourself." ~ Benjamin Franklin


They coulndt have lost 400k given their partial movilization is 300k plus 450k contract its impossible. They would not have an army and NATO would just enter to have a walk with that toll. But the oned banning consular services so their men comeback are others.


Let me give you the short version
1. The shifted from BTGs to Division style fighting focusing on slow gains instead of big arrow attacks which is why you see them take place by place town by town village by village.

2. Adapted to the use of drones. Cope cages, using drones to correct artillery, lancet drones, having their own fpv drones and strategic bomber drones (Shahed). With volunteers and massive industry the Russians are quickly becoming the most experienced drone army no defence or attack is done without drones

3. Quantity is a quality. Recruitment, Mobilization, use of old stocks, making new ones, buying new equipment. The Russians understand a war of attrition needs numerical advantage to grind down the enemy and win Avdiivka is a textbook example.

4. New methods of training. Trench warfare, drone warfare, artillery warfare, missiles and use of volunteer units. If you think the Russians are just going banzai to every attack they do by now the whole army would have collapsed. The meat wave attacks thing is just a myth for example i watch a 12 man team move from one tree lines to building in the cover of night split up in groups of four. Someone said that was a meat wave attack? Yet I've seen many Western units move the same way in training and even Ukraine used the same tactics last year in their failed offensive.


"Make attrition work". Only idiots would believe 87% of Russia prewar army is gone (700k of men), that is even larger than the entire Russia land army pre war because they counted the air force and navy too. You fighting ghost now? Even BBC can recount 80k casualties and they inflated it already. And the 100 tank/month was also downplaying it. It was the minimum. Defense Report/Reuters put it at 1500 tanks produced in 2023 (125 tanks/month) mostly modernized old stocks and with expected Soviet production lines reactivation would probaly make it 2100 tanks this year or 175 tank/month. All to armed the newly trained troops conscripted last year. This at a time when Zelensky himself said Ukr are lacking men, lacking tanks (Challenger 2 and Abrams withdrawed) and shells. The trend is clear.


Western numbers on Russian losses are questionable at best, while their numbers on Ukrainian losses are bordering on ridiculous.
The battlefield situation, repeated mobilizations and lack of manpower on the Ukrainian side is telling.


Just like throughout history, we underestimate the Russian ability to adapt and mass produce. The Russians can produce 25 tanks a week, that's 1300 tanks a year, which means they can mobilize for huge offensives, and with better tactics and encrypted communications, they will be unstoppable.


You can sense a change of tone in Western media. Not much but very gradually letting everyone know that all is not well. I sense a real humiliation imminent for NATO.
Should have let the Ukrainians sign the Istanbul peace deal.


Now russia has the most experimented and powerful army in the world. Ukranie has the second one. And USA have rainbo.. Diverse and wok.. Army