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For NATO, a worst-case scenario would be a Russian attack on one of its member states. Now it’s rehearsing for exactly that possibility: running its biggest military drills since the Cold War to practice its response.

The exercise, called Steadfast Defender, sees some 90,000 troops from 32 countries taking part with fighter jets, tanks, and warships: all shortly before the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since then, Kyiv has fought to expel its invaders with help from Western weapon deliveries: but will the support continue? Today on To The Point we’re looking at Putin’s imperial ambitions, asking: Is the West leaving Ukraine out to dry?

Our guests: Markus Kaim. Senior Fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs

Milan Nic, senior fellow at the German Council on Foreign Relations

DW Brussels correspondent and NATO expert Teri Schultz, joining us today from Finland.


00:00 Opener
01:40 Ukraine running out of ammunition and soldiers
02:40 Not much movement on the front right now
04:30 Does Russia have enough soldiers?
06:30 A Russian victory will mean the end of European security
07:15 Can Ukraine expect more support?
09:09 We are living in times of a Zeitenwende ("turning point")
09:50 The war has become a “battle of ammunition”
12:15 The German government is pursuing an anti-strategic policy
14:30 The role of Slovakia
15:40 Countries on NATO's eastern flank see support for Ukraine differently
17:10 Will Donald Trump be the next US president?
19:00 Biggest NATO maneuver since the end of the Cold War
21:20 NATO's weakest point are the Baltic countries
22:00 Russia is interested in destabilizing the West

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The problem is that to much of the West is relying on the U.S. to do the heavy lifting and the U.S. is currently in the middle of a political crisis that has paralyzed it


I am amazed that the combined economic powerhouses of the United States and Europe cannot supply Ukraine with enough ammunition while Russia is only helped overtly by North Korea and Iran - two relatively small countries that have suffered from years of sanctions and are not known to be economic powers. I was told that the Russian economy was equivalent to that of Italy. Certainly, the US and Europe (as well as Japan and South Korea) have more than 100x the economic resources and production capability of Russia.


Give the speed that Germany was able to build liquid natural gas facilities, I take it with a grain of salt that arms production cannot be quickly ramped up.


Russia is using shovels and washing machine chips


The West said they will support for "as long as it takes"
. If they lie about that then maybe NATO's Article #5 is a big bluff too.


The whole situation leads me to the depressing conclusion that Putin might be right about Western Democracies being _structurally too weak_ to resist the will of an autocracy. We're seeing it play out in real time all due to political leaders dragging their feet in a way that benefits politicians and cripples militaries.


If NATO waited until now to ramp up production they’ve been asleep at the wheel. 3 % of GDP for self preservation is cheap. Politicians are reactive not proactive. They’ve had since 2014 to prepare.


As an American this is EMBARRASSING! My countries government has repeatedly made America a paper tiger repeatedly going into wars they will have difficulty in maintaining and then pulling out when things starts to turn against them. They did it in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and now have abandoned Ukraine for Israel. I wouldn’t be surprised if America abandons Israel for some other random country that is a “democracy”, America has lost its pride and image because of waging wars they can’t win without massive casualties and now its rivals are getting more bold and more confident!


The few times I have seen Europe, North America, NATO actually move faster than frozen molasses was when people within go on strikes or protests in large enough numbers.
The paltry response to any conflict usually is hiding "but what about us, our economy, our polls?" Self-serving attitudes UNTIL someone drops an explosive on civilian. Then it's hurried response, as ND walk away.
Ukraine has determination, Europe, USA Canada, NATO very little.


A key problem for the west in these wars is the cost asymmetry. For example, the cost of the same shell made in Germany would be much higher than one made in Russia. This is even more for
Missiles and drones and other weapons.


But dont worry, Russia is running out of missiles since 2 years ago . This time is true, believe me 😉😆😆🤥🤥🤥


If you support freedom and liberty anywhere, you should support freedom and liberty everywhere


Why are they running out of Soldiers? Media even Ukrainian gov told us in late 2022, they had a 1 million strong army!!


Ukraine, and the EU for the matter, are too reliant on the US. The US is no longer a reliable partner due to internal partisan politics increasingly paralyzing foreign policy decisions, or just reversing them altogether with a change of administration.


I am so shocked and dismayed at the reaction of Western Powers to the crisis in Ukraine. To say that the US and NATO countries at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is a terrible understatement.
And as for the US schizophrenic attitude to this war. it's almost like they really do not WANT to win.


You managed to talk for half an hour and failed to mention that the United Kingdom is second only to the United States in it's financial and military support to Ukraine and you also failed to mention the operation Steadfast Defender may have 32 nations attending but again the United Kingdom is supplying 60% of the man power and 47% of the military equipment. Facts matter and don't forget that a good many of the NATO members still don't spend the minimum 2% of their GDP on their shameful.


Where did you find this journalist? Horrible host, what a cheerful mood


Europe needs to wake up to what a fickle and unreliable partner the USA is and visa vera Europe is also.


Just look at how the west is freaking out because Russia moved west, but everyone in the west expects Russia to not have any problems when Nato moves east.


The 'west' talks too much and does too little. It is not going to end well for us