Horror as 400-year-old spire collapses in inferno as locals weep over iconic Copenhagen landmark

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A MASSIVE fire has torn through Copenhagen's 400-year-old Stock Exchange this morning, engulfing its iconic spire which collapsed onto the roof.

Shocking footage shows one of the Danish capital's most iconic buildings ablaze as thick plumes of smoke billow high into the sky and locals rush to save the priceless paintings inside.

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Watch as 400-year-old Old Stock Exchange spire collapses in inferno as locals weep in Copenhagen’s ‘Notre Dame moment

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This building was not merely an iconic national landmark built by Denmark’s most renowned king; it housed hundreds of invaluable paintings, thousands of manuscripts, documents, and tomes, as well as sculptures and priceless artifacts created by Europe's legendary artists and artisans trough 400 years. The rooms themselves, masterpieces of artistry, were the sites of many of Denmark’s most crucial, destiny-altering decisions made by famed figures. The magnitude of this tragedy cannot be overstated—it is a profound loss not just for Denmark, but for Europe as a whole. Four hundred years of the richest forms of European culture and history have gone up in flames.


It's painfull to see this 400 years monument go upp in flames like this. . reminds me of Notre Dame.. can't workers be trusted any more ?? I hope there will be a invetigation of how this happen.. my Condolences to the Danish people.. Sad.. Sad day this is.. 😢


Renovation is a dangerous process - it has lead to the destruction of countless buildings over the centuries


Et stykke danmarkshistorie der forsvinder for altid. Det gør bare ondt at se disse smertefulde billeder af denne nationale katastrofe 😞💔🇩🇰


Amazing how all these old buildings survived centuries of being lit by candles, and are now "suddenly" and "for no reason" - burning down. . . . . . .


Our Danish "Notre Dame" was destroyed today! While it will never be quite the same after a nearly 400 year old building is 2/3 gone, the broad pledge is already there for a full rebuild true to its spirit! The dragons will rise again!


I visited Copenhagen in 1968, climbed some steeples. Lovely old city, what a disaster for Denmark, and European History.


Painful to see 400 years of culture and arts and other historically and/or aesthetically significant items burn down like that. Sorry to the people of Denmark.


Trist syn😢 Håber man finder penge til, at genopbygge, ligesom med Notre dame, i samme historiske stil, med respekt for det gamle håndværk. Men det bliver dyrt.


💚 Though I've never been to 🇩🇰 Denmark, I can totally feel the pain & loss of such a national, as well as 🇪🇺 European treasure 😢 all the way here in Los Angeles. Please accept my sincere condolences on your country's loss😢. ~04/16/24~


Det er bare så smertefuld. Jeg er franskmand og det samme følelse der Nôtre Dame brand ned 😢


Let me guess. Officials will blame it on construction workers.


I'm starting to think these renovations are a fire hazard


iam sue they will say it was a “accident “ so many “accidents “ are happening all over the world 😢


You would think that after the Notre Dame fire 5 years ago, that they would have removed all of the irreplaceable artworks, documents, etc, and all of it would have been temporarily relocated to a safe, secure place while renovations were being conducted on the building.
Especially a terribly antique wooden structure. I truly feel bad for the people of Copenhagen & all of Denmark for the horrific loss of so much beauty.

I've seen comments by people discussing insurance payouts, but I mean, INSURANCE?? YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!! How do you possibly come up with a figure to insure all that's been lost to both Denmark's & European history alone?? It's truly a massive tragedy; and it won't matter how the fire was started, or who was responsible, because none of it can be replaced!!


The world weeps with you, Denmark. 🥺🥺🥺😫😫😫😭😭😭

We send love from the United States.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


This is absolutely heartbreaking, just unbelievable. 400 years of history all up in flames💔😞 I hope it wasn’t a ridiculous environmental protestor who started this. I hope everyone safely got out 🙏


Denmark:s Chamber of Commerce owns this building and their own offices were located in this building too.
I would think Brian Mikkelsen, chief of the Danish Chamber of Commerce,
will sue the contractor BIG TIME of the renovation for carelessness. It wasn't just any old building after all.


Was it being renovated? It looks like it is wrapped with something?


Half of the stock exchange is burned to the ground. the other half is saved BUT water and soot damaged.